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Iowa Transportation Commission approves additional highway work

Posted on: October 08, 2013

AMES, Iowa – Oct. 8, 2013 – Today, at their meeting in Mason City, the Iowa Transportation Commission approved an amendment to the fiscal year 2014-2018 Iowa Transportation Improvement Program that will move some highway construction projects from later years of the program into FY 2014 and also add several new highway construction projects to the program in FY 2014. 

The amendment moved five noninterstate bridge modernization projects into FY 2014; added six new interstate construction projects into FY 2014; and added 16 noninterstate pavement modernization projects into FY 2014. In addition, several projects already in the program for FY 2014 had their construction cost estimates revised. Finally, funding was also allocated to compensate a local jurisdiction for assuming responsibility of a state highway. Construction projects in this amendment are expected to begin in calendar year 2014. These projects were chosen because they can be designed and made ready for construction in calendar year 2014.

The program amendment was made possible because additional funding was made available after the program was initially approved in June 2013. The additional funding is available due to project costs coming in below estimates, Iowa Department of Transportation budget savings, and federal funding receipts that exceeded forecast amounts. 

A list of the project changes for the highway section of the program can be viewed at


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