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Actions taken by the Iowa Transportation Commission at its June 13 meeting in Coralville

Posted on: June 13, 2017

CORALVILLE, Iowa – June 13, 2017 – The Iowa Transportation Commission approved the following items during its meeting Tuesday, June 13, Coralville Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, 300 E. Ninth St., in Coralville.

Title   Actions
D-2017-74 Approve Minutes of the May 9, 2017, Commission Meeting   Approved   Danielle Griggs,
Commission secretary,
MV-2017-75 Administrative Rules
-761 IAC 511, Special Permits for Operation and Movement of Vehicles and Loads of Excess Size and Weight
-761 IAC 513, Compacted Rubbish Vehicle Permits
  Approved   Christopher Little,
Motor Vehicle Division,
PPM-2017-76 Administrative Rules
-761 IAC 920, State Transit Assistance -761 IAC 921, Advanced Allocations of State Transit Assistance Funding -761 IAC 924, Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Program
  Approved   Stuart Anderson, director,
Planning, Programming and Modal Division, 515-239-1661
PPM-2017-77 Revitalize Iowa’s Sound Economy (RISE) – Norwalk   Approved
(details below)
  Craig Markley, director,
Office of Systems Planning,
PPM-2017-78 2018-2022 Iowa Transportation Improvement Program   Approved (see linked news release)   Stuart Anderson, director,
Planning, Programming and Modal Division, 515-239-1661

RISE grant application approved
The RISE program was established to promote economic development in Iowa through construction or improvement of roads and streets. Iowa cities and counties are eligible for funding in the form of a grant, loan, or combination thereof. Projects must involve construction or improvement of a public roadway. There are two RISE project types: 1) Immediate Opportunity, and 2) Local Development. More information is available at

Norwalk: Up to $473,322 from the city share of the RISE fund and $371,897 from the county share of the RISE Fund was approved for this Iowa Certified Site through the RISE Local Development program to assist in grading and paving of approximately 1,403 feet of Delaware Street, including a left-turn lane and construction of a southbound deceleration lane on Iowa 28 located on the south side of town. This project is necessary to provide improved access to the Ancell/Knox Property’s general industrial certified site of more than 55 acres. This project is anticipated to be completed by August 2018.


Iowa highway in the evening