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Iowa DOT finishes construction of its newest park and ride lot in Dyersville

Posted on: September 05, 2017

AMES, Iowa – Sept. 5, 2017 – The state’s newest park and ride lot located in Dyersville has been completed, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Systems Planning. The new lot, located south of U.S. 20, can be accessed from 20th Avenue Southeast via Sandstone Drive and is open to the public free of charge.

This location can also be used as a pickup point for transit service operated by the Region 8 Regional Transit Authority. Information on Region 8 RTA’s services and schedules is available online at Park and ride lots can be used as places to park your car when connecting with car pools, van pools, and public transit. The Dyersville location is also identified on the Iowa DOT’s interactive park and ride system map. Information about other commute options from Iowa DOT park and ride locations can be found quickly online at:

“The need for a park and ride lot in the Dyersville area was strongly supported by local stakeholders and through public input,” said Joe Drahos, park and ride manager with the Iowa’s DOT Office of Systems Planning. “Analysis conducted during the development of the Iowa Park and Ride System Plan identified a need between Delaware County and Dubuque County along U.S. 20 near Dyersville, which lent additional support to stakeholder input,” Drahos shared.

When the Iowa DOT began implementing the Iowa Park and Ride System Plan, it did so with a number of tools at its disposal. One such mechanism is through the use of available Iowa DOT right of way property. The high cost of acquiring new property for park and ride is oftentimes one of the biggest hurdles in establishing new lots. However, by leveraging existing right of way that is already owned by the department, the upfront cost associated with creating a new lot is substantially decreased. The Dyersville lot is an example of this approach to implementation.

More information concerning the Iowa DOT’s statewide park and ride efforts is available online at


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