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Iowa Transportation Coordination Council reports on volunteer transportation providers

In an effort to identify more transportation options for the purpose of enhancing the mobility of Iowans through coordination with local public transit agencies, member agency Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service conducted a survey of volunteer transportation providers in Iowa in cooperation with the Iowa Transportation Coordination Council . The mission of the ITCC is to provide statewide leadership on transportation coordination to improve the mobility of Iowans.  

The Volunteer Transportation Programs Survey determined demographic groups served, fares, days of week services provided, service areas, ADA-accessibility, and unmet needs of the volunteer transportation provider groups. This information will assist mobility managers in identifying other transportation providers available to persons who cannot be served by public transit, and will populate a database of transportation providers to be accessible to the general public by internet and telephone through a one-call/one-click resource. The report can be viewed at

Chaired by the Iowa Department of Transportation's Office of Public Transit, the ITCC meets every other month discussing such issues as mobility management, accessibility of transportation in Iowa, State Transit Assistance Special Project Proposal applications pertaining to coordination, and the encouragement of state and local agencies’ involvement in the passenger transportation planning process. Having grown considerably from the three original member state departments, the ITCC now boasts membership from statewide human service organizations, state departments, and federal groups. The ITCC meeting agendas and notes are available to view at

For more information about the ITCC, please contact Kristin Haar at or 515-233-7875.