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Proposed relocation of U.S. 34 and construction of a new Missouri River bridge to be discussed Feb. 10

AMES, Iowa – Jan. 28, 2009 – The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) will hold an open forum design public hearing Tuesday, Feb. 10, between 5 and 7 p.m., at the Glenwood Senior Center, 20 N. Vine St., Glenwood, Iowa, to discuss the proposed relocation of U.S. 34 from the Missouri River in Sec 2, T-72N, R-44W, four miles south of Bellevue, Neb., south and east to the existing north U.S. 34/Interstate 29 interchange west of Glenwood. Also included for discussion at this hearing is the construction of a new bridge across the Missouri River, the reconstruction of the north U.S. 34/I-29 interchange and reconstruction of U.S. 34 from I-29 east to just east of the existing BNSF bridge.

The proposed improvement would provide for the construction of: 

·         A four-lane divided highway on relocated alignment from the Missouri River south and east to the existing north U.S. 34/I-29 interchange west of Glenwood and reconstruction of the north U.S. 34/I-29 interchange. Existing U.S. 34 from I-29 east to approximately 600 feet east of the BNSF bridge would also be reconstructed. The completed U.S. 34 facility would provide two 24-foot wide roadways with 6-foot wide inside and 10-foot wide outside shoulders with a grass median.

·         A 3,182- by 86-foot welded girder bridge over the Missouri River. The bridge would provide two12-foot wide lanes in each direction with 6-foot wide inside and 12-foot wide outside shoulders and a concrete median barrier.

·         Two new 344-foot long concrete beam bridges on U.S. 34 over I-29. The existing bridges on U.S. 34 over the BNSF railroad tracks would be used as they presently exist.

Connections to relocated U.S. 34 would be provided at 180th and relocated 190th streets. The intersection of 190th Street north of relocated U.S. 34 would be relocated west approximately 800 feet. From this connection, 190th Street would be extended north, tying into Hammond Avenue. The connection to 190th Street south of U.S. 34 would be relocated west approximately 1,800 feet. Relocated 190th Street south of U.S. 34 would extend east and south to connect with existing 190th Street, approximately 1,500 feet south of relocated U.S. 34. Left-turn lanes would be constructed on relocated U.S. 34 at these three connections. Relocated 190th Street would be paved 24-foot wide with 6-foot wide shoulders, while 180th Street would be a 22-foot wide granular surfaced roadway. Existing 190th Street would be closed at U.S. 34. Hammond Avenue, between relocated 190th Street and existing 190th Street, would be regraded and paved 22-feet wide with 6-foot wide shoulders.

Access rights would be acquired for the relocated segment of U.S. 34. Access rights were previously acquired for U.S. 34 east of I-29. Access would be allowed at a minimum 1,000-foot spacing. U.S. 34 and I-29 traffic would be maintained during construction.

This public hearing will be conducted utilizing an open forum format. No formal presentation will be made. Iowa DOT staff members will be present with plans, displays and related information to discuss the project informally. Interested individuals are encouraged to attend the hearing anytime between 5 and 7 p.m. to express their views and ask questions about the proposed improvement. Oral and written statements will be accepted at the public hearing.

For general information regarding the proposed improvement, or the public hearing, contact John Selmer, district engineer, District 4 Office, Iowa Department of Transportation, 2210 E. Seventh St., Atlantic, IA  50022, telephone 712-243-3355 or 800-289-4368 or email [email protected].

Written statements and related exhibits, in place of or in addition to oral statements made at the public hearing, will be accepted at the hearing or may be submitted to the Office of Location and Environment, Iowa DOT, 800 Lincoln Way, Ames, IA  50010. All written material received by Feb. 23, 2009, will be included in the hearing transcript.




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