Iowa DOT News Release

Iowa DOT issues 10 a.m. update regarding state travel conditions

Posted on: January 26, 2010

AMES, Iowa - Jan. 26, 2010; 10 a.m. update - The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) is reporting that road conditions are slowly improving as snowplows begin making progress on reopening of roads, the winds gradually diminish and the sun begins to warm up the pavement temperatures.

Regular updates

Reopening of roadways is a dynamic situation as crews throughout the state begin removing blockages. Therefore, the Iowa DOT will be issuing periodic updates throughout today, as warranted. The information provided in this advisory is accurate at the time of issuance; however, the reopening of roads or discovery of new blockages may occur before the next advisory is issued.


For the latest general road condition information, visit or call 511.


Known impassable roads

In addition to the state-maintained roads listed here, other local streets and county roads may be impassable.

Ÿ  U.S. 69 from Iowa 175 (Jewell) north to Blairsburg

Ÿ  U.S. 169 from Dallas County Road F-31 (Minburn) north to Iowa 141 (Perry)

Ÿ  U.S. 169 from Boone County Road E-18 (Boxholm) north to Iowa 175 (just west of Dayton)

Ÿ  Iowa 7 from U.S. 71 east to Newell

Ÿ  Iowa 25 from U.S. 30 (Scranton) south to Iowa 141 (Bayard)

Ÿ  Iowa 44 from U.S. 169 west to Iowa 4 (Panora)

Ÿ  Iowa 110 from U.S. 20 north to Sac County Road D-15 (Schaller)


Neighboring state advisories

Ÿ  Minnesota: The Minnesota DOT and State Patrol have opened most highways and all of Interstate 90 in south central and southwestern Minnesota. Counties with highways still closed include Cottonwood and Jackson. U.S. 71 from the Iowa border to Sandborn remains closed. For updated information on Minnesota travel conditions visit





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Iowa highway in the evening