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Iowa DOT launches new aviation Web site

AMES, Iowa – May 10, 2010 – The Iowa Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Office of Aviation has launched a new section on the agency’s Web site dedicated to aviation in Iowa. The new Web pages, located at, are an excellent source for aviation information, and tools and resources for pilots, airport representatives, aviation industry personnel, decision makers, visitors, educators, and the public. 


The site is intended to be a business tool, acting as an information portal to the Iowa DOT’s Office of Aviation. In addition to being an effective resource for a wide variety of audiences, the site specifically provides technical information to airport representatives and pilots using the state’s air transportation system.


Many videos and photo galleries are used to extensively showcase the many uses of aviation and benefits of having a strong air transportation system. The Web site also provides information about:

· Becoming a licensed pilot.

· Iowa airports, including an airport directory.

· Aircraft registration requirements.

· State aviation programs.

· Aviation events around the state.

· Heliports.

· News and publications.


Significant levels of activity occur in every category of aviation in Iowa, including commercial air service and military and general aviation. Aviation also plays a significant role in Iowa’s economy and way of life. 




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