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Iowa Transportation Commission approves FY 2011 State Aviation Program

AMES, Iowa – July 13, 2010 – The Iowa Transportation Commission today approved nearly $4.7 million for projects funded under various programs in the FY 2011 State Aviation Program.


Vertical infrastructure programs will provide $2.25 million for projects at all eight commercial service airports and five general aviation airports throughout Iowa. These programs provide funding for maintenance and development of airport facilities, such as terminal buildings, maintenance facilities and aviation hangars.


The Airport Improvement Program (AIP), funded with revenues from aircraft registration fees and aviation fuel taxes, will fund airfield and security projects totaling $1.46 million at 21 airports. The AIP will also provide approximately $960,000 to fund statewide safety, planning and development programs to support safe flight operations within the state’s air transportation system and to enhance the safety, operation and accessibility of airports in Iowa.


Programs funded by the AIP include: maintenance of aviation weather observing systems (AWOS); runway marking; windsocks; emergency operation repairs at publicly owned airports; match for federal statewide planning studies; assistance to local jurisdictions to update airport zoning ordinances and comprehensive plans to include compatible land use near airports; air service development to maintain and enhance passenger air service in Iowa; and wildlife mitigation at airports. 


See tables below for additional information on the projects funded through the FY 2011 State Aviation Program. Additional information regarding aviation in Iowa is available at



FY 2011 Commercial Service Vertical Infrastructure Projects


Type of improvement

Total project cost

State share

Southeast Iowa Regional (Burlington)

Rehabilitate hangars



Eastern Iowa (Cedar Rapids)

Rehabilitate boilers in terminal



Des Moines International

Construct sand and chemical storage, and vehicle storage buildings



Dubuque Regional

Design and construct passenger terminal, replace wind-damaged hangars



Fort Dodge Regional

Install airport security system, renovate hangar and renovate terminal



Mason City Municipal

Construct Fixed-Base Operator office addition



Sioux Gateway/Colonel Bud Day Field

Rehabilitate hangars



Waterloo Regional

Rehabilitate hangars






FY 2011 General Aviation Vertical Infrastructure (GAVI) Projects


Type of improvement

Total project cost

State share

Ankeny Regional

Rehabilitate terminal building roof



Council Bluffs Municipal

Construct two conventional hangars



Davenport Municipal

Construct six-unit box hangar



Iowa City Municipal

Construct six-unit box hangars



Spencer Municipal

Rehabilitate hangar roofs








FY 2011 Airport Development Projects


Type of improvement

Total project cost

State share

Cherokee County Regional

Rehabilitate terminal



Clarion Municipal

Rehabilitate hangar doors



Council Bluffs Municipal

Construct apron for new hangars



Creston Municipal

Improve fuel system (no self-serve)



Davenport Municipal

Extend taxi lane to future hangars



Decorah Municipal

Improve fuel system (no self-serve)



Eastern Iowa (Cedar Rapids)

Rehabilitate hangar apron and taxiway



Fairfield Municipal

Rehabilitate hangar taxiway pavement –  phase 2



Manchester Municipal

Develop an airport layout plan



Marshalltown Municipal

Construct detention basin



Mason City Municipal

Modify fueling system to new filtration requirements



Milford Municipal

Pave taxiway to fuel apron



Muscatine Municipal

Rehabilitate municipal hangar and




Northeast Iowa Regional

(Charles City)

Install airfield gates and fencing



Onawa Municipal

Update airport layout plan



Osceola Municipal

Acquire a private conventional hangar



Ottumwa Regional

Rehabilitate hangars



Rockwell City Municipal

Replace fuel facility (no self-serve)



Shenandoah Municipal

Renovate maintenance hangar



Vinton Veterans Memorial

Rehabilitate runway 16/34 and grade object free area



Washington Municipal

Replace hangar approach and pavement under door











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