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Overcoming loss and traumatic injury: Why victims are helping save others’ lives

Posted on: August 30, 2010

AMES, Iowa – Aug. 30, 2010 – Several recent multiple fatal crashes on Iowa highways once again emphasize the need for seat belt use -- by all passengers all the time. So far in August, 50 motorists and passengers have been killed on Iowa highways. According to law enforcement, if seat belts had not been used, 25 more lives may have been lost.


Iowa law enforcement officers keep a “Life Toll” of motorists and passengers who would likely have been killed in a crash had they not been wearing seat belts. To date in 2010, 112 names have been added to the list. Since the primary seat belt law took effect July 1, 1986, 6,325 people have been placed on the list.


Learn more from two Iowans who share their compelling personal stories and passion for helping save others’ lives.  Visit the Iowa Department of Transportation’s (Iowa DOT) Web site -- Curb it - Click it -- to read the personal accounts of two Iowans who have undergone life-altering experiences and are appealing to others to take the few seconds necessary to buckle up to save lives and prevent serious injuries.   


· Nine years ago, 17-month old Michael Bronemann of Cedar Falls, now nearly 11 years old, was securely strapped into a child safety seat in his mother’s vehicle. A collision on U.S. 30 near Ames took his mother’s life, but Michael was saved. Michael’s father, Jon, has been campaigning ever since to increase awareness and change laws related to seat belt use. In July, his efforts were rewarded as Iowa’s new passenger safety belt regulations took effect, requiring all persons under age 18 to be buckled up regardless of vehicle seating position.  


· When Isaiah Krull of Shell Rock was 16, he and two buddies were traveling a short distance between cornfields they had been hired to detassle. Low visibility on a dusty gravel road led to a crash in which Isaiah suffered a severe brain injury because he was not wearing a seat belt. Isaiah, now 18 and an advocate for seat belt use for everyone in every vehicle on every trip, is making sure others know his story so no one else will have to bear the burden of injury as he has done.


These real-life stories are just one of the resources available on the Curb it – Click it Web site. The new seat belt and anti-texting while driving laws are thoroughly explained and resources are available for teens, parents and educators.


If you have a personal story to share about the importance of seat belt safety, visit the “Real-life stories” link on the Curb it – Click it Web site and click on the Share Your Story link.





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