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Iowa DOT provides update on flooded road conditions #MoRiver

Posted on: June 30, 2011

AMES, Iowa – June 30, 2011 – 5 p.m. – The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) is providing the following update on road conditions in western Iowa. The department is also continuing to monitor at-risk areas as flood water levels change. 

Turn Around Don't Drown®

Flooding is a dynamic situation, ever-changing throughout the day. Motorists need to take extra precautions when traveling in areas where flooding is occurring or predicted.

  • Use additional caution when traveling at night when it is difficult to see a flooded road ahead or water approaching the roadway from the side.
  • If you must travel on roadways where water is nearby, give your full attention to the driving task and expect vehicles ahead to slow down or make sudden stops.
  • Keep your focus on the road ahead, not on the water around you and adjust your speed for conditions.  

Current road closures/restrictions

  • I-29 Hamilton Boulevard interchange in Woodbury County: The southbound I-29 interchange ramps at Hamilton Boulevard in Sioux City are closed. An alternative ramp has been constructed from southbound I-29 to Wesley Parkway/U.S. 77.
  • I-29 in Pottawattamie County: The south- and northbound lanes of I-29 between milepost 54B (North 35th Street interchange in Council Bluffs) and the I-29/680 interchange at milepost 71 (near Loveland) are closed. This is expected to be a longer-term closure.
  • UPDATE: I-29 from exit 24 (near Bartlett, Iowa) south across the Iowa/Missouri state line to the U.S. 136 interchange in Missouri (Mo. 110 exit, near Rock Port): The north- and southbound lanes are closed. This is expected to be a longer-term closure.
  • I-680 in Omaha area: I-680 is closed from the I-29/680 interchange (exit 61 near Crescent) in Iowa to North 30th Street in Omaha, Neb. (exit 13). This closure includes the Mormon Bridge across the Missouri River. This is expected to be a longer-term closure.
  • UPDATE: U.S. 30 west of Missouri Valley, including the Blair, Neb. Bridge across the Missouri River: This road is closed temporarily to permit installation of flood barrier walls. For further information about this closure and future temporary closures along this roadway, visit:
  • Iowa 2 in Fremont County: Iowa 2 is closed from I-29 in Iowa to Nebraska City. Both east- and westbound lanes are closed. This is expected to be a longer-term closure. 
  • UPDATE: Iowa 175 between I-29 (near Onawa) and Decatur, Neb.: The road is closed because of serious erosion of the embankment near the east abutment of the Decatur Bridge. For information about the emergency repair project, visit:
  • Iowa 333 in Hamburg: Iowa 333 is closed from I-29 into Hamburg. Access to Hamburg is currently available via U.S. 275 in Iowa.
  • Iowa 376 northbound (U.S. 75 Business-Lewis Boulevard): The exit ramp to westbound Gordon Drive is closed.  

Highway segments at higher risk of being closed due to flooding

  • I-29 (north of Missouri Valley, between mileposts 77-78): Flood barrier walls have been installed in this area.
  • I-29 (north of Modale, between mileposts 85-88): This is a levee-protected area. However, if a breach were to occur, the roadway could be inundated with several feet of flood water.
  • UPDATE: I-29 (south of Blencoe, between mileposts 103-105): Flood waters are spreading across the drainage area nearby. A flood-mitigation strategy for this area is currently being evaluated.
  • I-29 (north of Blencoe, near mileposts 107 and 109): Flood barrier walls are being installed in this area to reduce the risk of flooding. There is a temporary detour in place for I-29 northbound travelers, which is allowing the barriers to be installed. Follow the detour signs.
  • I-29 (north of Whiting, near milepost 121): This area is threatened due to a connection between the Missouri River and a stream that flows under Berry Avenue and through the Badger Lake State Wildlife Management Area.   
  • I-29/I-680 interchange: This interchange near Loveland was previously closed due to flooding. Mitigation work, including use of sandbags, barrier wall and pumps, allowed the roadway to reopen. Because this area remains vulnerable to increased water levels, additional mitigation measures will be taken, including contract work to install large drainage pipes.  
  • U.S. 34, between I-29 in Iowa and Plattsmouth, Neb.: This roadway is protected by a levee system, but remains at risk from a levee breach or overtopping. U.S. 34 remains open to travel.  

Being monitored

  • I-29, northbound off-ramp to Dace Avenue in Sioux City (exit 147B or commonly known as the Downtown/Tyson Events Center): Flood mitigation efforts will be deployed to try to keep this ramp open.
  • I-29, southbound exit ramp to Nebraska Street (exit 147B) in Sioux City: This area is dike protected, but would be inundated if the dike is breached or overtopped. 
  • I-29, northbound and southbound lanes in Sioux City at the U.S. 77/Wesley Parkway underpass (between exits 148 and 149): Flood mitigation efforts will be deployed to try to prevent this low area from being flooded.
  • UPDATE: I-29, from the Bellevue, Neb., interchange (exit 42) to the Bartlett interchange (exit 24): This area is at a lesser risk, but would be inundated if a levee is breached or overtopped.
  • I-29 exit and entrance ramps at the Bartlett interchange, exit 24: Ground water has been rising nearby. Flood waters have closed I-29 south of the interchange.    
  • Iowa 127 near Mondamin: The Iowa DOT is monitoring areas east and west of Mondamin, near mileposts 0.8 and 1.5, but the risk of flooding is lower because the road is protected somewhat by a high ridge.
  • NEW: Iowa 370 west of I-29, including the Bellevue, Neb. Missouri River crossing: This area is levee protected. Levee reinforcement work was performed this week on an area just south of Iowa 370.  

Key traveler information resources

  • Iowa DOT’s flood information call center 866-452-8510, open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily through Friday, July 1; speak to an operator for travel assistance
  • Road condition information 24 hours a day through the Fourth of July weekend, visit, or call 511 (in Iowa) or 800-288-1047 (outside of the state) for a recorded message of road closures
  • Iowa DOT on Twitter-!/iowadot/
  • View the flooded Iowa roads map for road closures, detours and areas at risk of flooding -



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