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Iowa DOT opens bids for Iowa 175/Decatur bridge project #MoRiver

AMES, Iowa – Oct. 5, 2011 – The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) opened bids earlier this morning for the Iowa 175/Decatur (Nebraska) bridge project in Monona County, Iowa. The apparent low bidder is Western Contracting Corporation of Sioux City, Iowa, with a bid of $3,691,712. The Iowa DOT received four bid proposals. 

The Iowa DOT is the lead agency on the project, which also involves cooperation with the Nebraska Department of Roads and Burt County (Nebraska) Bridge Commission.

The bridge over the Missouri River near Decatur, Neb., and west of Onawa, Iowa, has been closed since June 27 due to the Missouri River flooding. The flood waters scoured out a large hole around the bridge piers and east abutment, and caused loss of embankment on the Iowa side of the river.

Construction work will involve a variety of items and be performed in multiple stages. The first stage involves filling the scour hole to stabilize the bridge and embankment so that traffic can be restored on the road/bridge.

Additional work will be performed while the road/bridge are open to traffic, including construction of a weir (a small overflow dam) south of the bridge and dike north of the bridge. These structures are intended to alter the flow characteristics of the river to prevent future flood damage.

The overall goal of the project is to expedite repairs and get the roadway safely reopened to traffic as quickly as possible.


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