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Iowa Transportation Commission approves $5 million for Iowa transit systems

AMES, Iowa – Dec. 13, 2011 –The Iowa Transportation Commission today approved $5 million in projects to assist the state’s transit agencies in replacing vehicles.  

The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) was awarded $5 million in Fiscal Year 2011 State of Good Repair funding for the replacement of transit vehicles in Iowa that are over their useful life. Allocation of funding for vehicle replacement follows the process established in the Public Transit Equipment and Facilities Management System (PTMS), which was developed cooperatively between the Iowa DOT and Iowa Public Transit Association.

A total of 62 vehicles, belonging to 18 transit agencies, were selected for replacement using the technical ranking process under the PTMS. Vehicle replacement plays an important role in maintaining and enhancing public transit service for all Iowans. This funding allows transit systems in Iowa to remove the oldest and highest-mileage vehicles from their fleets, and replace them with new vehicles that have lower maintenance costs and are more comfortable for the traveling public. 

The complete project list is available on the Iowa DOT’s website at


Editor’s note: Public transit is provided in all 99 counties in Iowa and provides more than 26 million rides a year.

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