Iowa DOT News Release

Professional Truck Drivers Provide Valuable Insights During Winter Storms #iatraffic

Posted on: January 30, 2013

AMES, Iowa – Jan. 30, 2013; 8:20 a.m. update – Professional truck drivers face tremendous challenges during a winter storm and can offer persons considering travel valuable insights about road conditions and traffic tie-ups.   

That’s why the Iowa Department of Transportation is urging drivers to be part of Iowa’s traffic information social media network on Twitter and Facebook. During your next break or fuel stop, take a moment to share your observations and experience.

Throughout the storm, while using social media:

  • Use the traffic hashtag: The Iowa DOT is using the hastag #iatraffic during this event and recommends that other Twitter users do the same to find relevant tweets using that key phrase. 
  • Geotag photos and video: All smartphones have global positioning systems because of enhanced 911 service. If you are a social media user who likes to share photos and video during winter storms, be sure the geotagging feature on your mobile device is enabled. Then the location of where your photo or video was taken will be tagged.  
  • Follow us: All traffic-related news releases and traffic incident reports are posted on the Iowa DOT’s Twitter accounts. Search for either @iowadot or @statewide511. 
  • Tell us what you are seeing: Your information could be invaluable to others who are considering travel. You can also be another set of eyes for the Iowa DOT.  When posting to Twitter reference @iowadot in your post. Tag us in your posts and photos on Facebook.

The Iowa DOT will be monitoring social media conversation during this event and using the public’s observations to help direct resources to problem areas. Being part of the traffic information social media network, as either a follower or contributor, enhances everyone’s safety.



Iowa highway in the evening