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Photo contest generates images to highlight aviation in Iowa

AMES, Iowa – Nov. 26, 2013 – As the holiday season approaches, the focus on aviation often turns to people flying home for the holidays and last minute gifts arriving via air cargo.  In addition to those activities, there are many uses of aviation throughout the year that support Iowa’s economy and move people and goods to and from the state. The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation has captured some of those activities by holding a statewide aviation photography contest highlighting aviation activity in Iowa. 

Winning submissions for the 2013 Iowa Aviation Photography Contest are posted at and the photos can be downloaded directly from the Flickr website at photos highlight aviation activity in Iowa including: 

Commercial air service

  • Nearly 60 percent of travelers boarding flights at Iowa airports are Iowa residents and approximately one half of air travelers are estimated to be doing so for business.

Aerial application for farmers

  • These operations occur from most airports in Iowa to help farmers increase yields and keep Iowa a world leader in agricultural production.

Business aircraft

  • These aircraft vary in size and typically transport people and goods for customer visits, trips to branch locations, and bring people to Iowa facilities.

Personal flying and travel

  • Iowa has more than 5,000 pilots and 3,800 aircraft.

Helicopter emergency medical services

  • More than 4,000 missions are flown annually to save lives of critically injured and sick patients.

Aerial survey and photography

  • Specialty aerial services positively impact all Iowans by providing a birds-eye view of images and aerial data across Iowa.

Aviation events

  • More than 50 airshows, community fly-ins and other aviation events are held around Iowa each year.


  • This popular Iowa activity offers scenic views for those in the air and on the ground.

Flight training

  • Training to become a pilot is available in 58 communities throughout Iowa. Becoming a pilot opens up a whole new world of possibilities for business and personal travel, and can even lead to a career in aviation.

For more information on aviation in Iowa, visit the Iowa DOT’s Office of Aviation website at


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