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New Iowa DOT blog gives the inside scoop on the agency

Posted on: January 23, 2014

AMES, Iowa – Jan. 23, 2014 –The Iowa Department of Transportation is made up of nearly 2,800 of your friends and neighbors who live and work in towns all over Iowa. The agency touches nearly every aspect of transportation, some you may not have even thought of. From the roads Iowan’s drive on, to the products we use, transportation plays an integral part of everyday life.

The work done at the Iowa DOT matters to every person who lives, works and travels through Iowa.

To help the public understand what happens at the Iowa DOT, the agency has started a blog called Transportation Matters for Iowa. The blog will be used to explain how and why the things the department does impact you. The advantages of the blog format are many.

  1. Timely – Information can be posted to the blog very quickly and shared instantly via social media channels, email and RSS feeds. Multi-media – The blog allows the Iowa DOT to add albums of photos or videos to posts to help tell a more complete story. Sharing of photos and videos is encouraged.
  2. Interactive – Comments on Iowa DOT stories are encouraged. This provides a way for staff at the Iowa DOT to directly interact with our customers about specific topics. The blog also allows for users to submit story ideas, giving readers the opportunity to control the content of the blog.
  3. Accessible – The blog is for everyone - employees, the public and news media. Each time a new entry is posted, everyone who has signed up for the blog will receive an email.

Don’t miss out on information from the Iowa DOT. To subscribe, please go to and click on the “subscribe” button.


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Iowa highway in the evening