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Iowa DOT Honors Public Transit Systems

Posted on: June 07, 2017

AMES, Iowa – June 7, 2017 –  Transit systems from Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Atlantic have been honored by the Iowa Department of Transportation for their accomplishments during fiscal year 2016.

Each year at the Iowa Public Transit Association Conference and Annual Meeting, the Iowa DOT recognizes one regional transit system and one urban transit system for the highest percentage increase in ridership coupled with a decrease or lowest increase in operating costs. The Iowa DOT also recognized an individual transit manager for their contributions to the improvement of public transit in Iowa. The awards were presented June 1 in West Des Moines during the annual awards banquet co-sponsored by the Iowa Public Transit Association and the Iowa DOT.

The University of Iowa’s transit system Cambus won the award for Most Improved Urban Transit System of the Year. Brian McClatchey, transit director of Cambus, said: “Cambus had a successful 2016 as it was able to implement a service expansion and still maintain effective cost controls. While major construction projects and driver staffing levels provided many challenges, the team of student employees and small full-time staff devised creative ways to overcome these challenges and deliver valued transit services.”

Region 10’s ECICOG regional transit system based in Cedar Rapids, which provides demand-response service in the counties of Benton, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn, and Washington, won the award as the Most Improved Regional Transit System of the Year. Brock Grenis, transit administrator of ECICOG, explained: “Ridership saw increases due to improved availability of popular and in-demand services such as preschool rides in rural counties and nonemergency medical transportation service. Costs were controlled by utilizing existing resources in a smarter manner and sharing buses to provide overlapping services whenever possible.”

Mark Lander, transit director of Region 13 Southwest Iowa Transit Agency in Atlantic, won the award for Transit Manager of the Year. According to Iowa DOT Transit Programs Administrator Ryan Ward: “Mr. Lander has always been exceptionally timely and accurate with reporting, consistently looks for opportunities to start new projects, began a community outreach program to discuss changes with Medicaid transportation, and has great vision for the future of public transit in Iowa.”

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