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Iowa DOT Awarded Pavement Pioneer Award for Innovative Perpetual Pavement Projects on Iowa Highway 100

Posted on: December 05, 2017

(This news release is being redistributed by the Iowa Department of Transportation as a courtesy to the Iowa Pavement Alliance)

State Agency Recognized for Deployment of Long-Life Asphalt Pavement Designs

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Transportation has been recognized by the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) with a national Pavement Pioneer Award for the department’s innovative use of long-life asphalt Perpetual Pavement on Iowa 100 near Cedar Rapids.

The award was presented to Iowa DOT Director Mark Lowe and staff on Nov. 30 during the Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa (APAI) annual convention in Des Moines. Dan Staebell, APA Northcentral Regional Director, presented the award.

The Pavement Pioneer Award recognizes Iowa DOT headquarters in Ames and District 6 office in Cedar Rapids for their work to deliver long-life asphalt pavement projects. Perpetual Pavement is a special asphalt pavement design methodology characterized by a fatigue resistant base layer that has been shown to last for decades with only minimal maintenance to the surface layer.

APAI and the APA recognized Iowa DOT for moving forward aggressively with the durable pavement strategy on the first phase of the Iowa 100 project in 2016, as well as committing to Perpetual Pavement designs for the second phase of the project. The L.L. Pelling Co. of Iowa City was responsible for construction of the project.

“The Pavement Pioneer Award recognizes agencies that utilize innovative designs, materials, and methods to deliver long-lasting, durable asphalt roads. These pavements provide high-quality and an outstanding value for the taxpayer,” Staebell said.

“This is a project that will serve the citizens of Cedar Rapids and Linn County for many decades,” said Bill Rosener, APAI Executive Vice President. “The partnership that designed and built this beautiful, smooth project is a testament to both the Iowa DOT, the LL Pelling Co. and the Iowa’s Asphalt Industry.”

The initial Iowa 100 project, valued at $15.0 million, spanned a 4-mile stretch of Iowa 100 from Edgewood Road to Covington Road. The second phase will complete the Iowa 100 extension, connecting it with U.S. 30 on the west side of Cedar Rapids.


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