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Roadway dangers due to flood damage continue in southwest Iowa

AMES, Iowa – March 27, 2019 –  Flood waters are beginning to recede in southwest Iowa. While roadways may no longer be covered with water, that doesn’t mean they are ready to hold traffic.

Once the water is no longer on the road, Iowa Department of Transportation crews will begin the process of assuring the roadways are safe to open. The recovery process includes cleaning debris from the roadways and testing for structural damage. Barriers blocking access to roads will remain in place until the road has been deemed safe for traffic.

If you see a barricade, don’t drive around it. While some structural damage to the road surface is very visible, damage to the ground underneath the road may be more difficult to see. Even if the roadway may look clear, the ground underneath the pavement may have washed away. Driving over the pavement may cause it to buckle or fail. Just because a road looks safe, doesn’t mean it is safe. Barricades are in place to protect you from hurting yourself, damaging your vehicle, and potentially causing further damage to the road. 

If you are a resident or property owner and need to get to your property, your county emergency management office can help coordinate safe access.  Use this link to find your local office -

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