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Iowa Department of Transportation recognized with Public Health Official of the Year Award by the Iowa Public Health Association

Posted on: April 23, 2019

(This news release is being sent through the Iowa Department of Transportation news release distribution as a courtesy to the Iowa Public Health Association)

DES MOINES - April 23, 2019 – Joe Drahos, Sam Sturtz, Cindy Shearer, Milly Ortiz, Ose Akinlotan, Sam Hiscocks, Garrett Pedersen, Andrea White and Justin Meade of the Iowa Department of Transportation were honored by members of the Iowa Public Health Association with the 2019 Public Health Official of the Year Award.  They received this award today in conjunction with the Iowa Governor’s Conference on Public Health held in Des Moines, Iowa.

This award recognizes local, state, or federal policymakers for significant contributions, support, and promotion of public health in their communities and/or state of Iowa. Eligibility requires policymakers that educate about critical public health issues, as well as, recognize the impact of legislative and regulatory actions on local public health. Award winners exemplify outstanding contributions that have lead to the betterment of public health.

Iowa Department of Transportation members were nominated by Sarah Taylor Watts from the Iowa Department of Public Health.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is nominated for their excellence in the advancement of public health by making it easier for Iowans to live healthier lives by developing and adopting the Iowa Bicycle and Pedestrian Long-Range Plan and statewide Complete Streets policy.  This shows the commitment by the Iowa DOT and the Iowa Transportation Commission to expand opportunities and further improve the conditions for bicycling and walking across the state.

The plan sets a vision for the state that as a whole, including all citizens and government agencies, will adopt walking and bicycling as a valid form of transportation.  The Iowa DOT understands that Iowa’s streets and roads must be made safer and less stressful to encourage more people to walk and bicycle.  The implementation of this plan will lead to improvements in health, equity and our environment.

The Iowa DOT has been working on this plan for several years, has sought feedback from countless citizens, stakeholders, and organizations and is well positioned to provide healthy alternatives for people to get where they need to go while also eliminating bicycle and pedestrian-related injuries and fatalities.  They are advancing public health promotion for the long-term with this plan.


Contact: Kim Novy, Iowa Public Health Association,  515-491-7804 or email

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