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Game day traffic on I-35 to experience a new way to exit into Ames

Posted on: September 12, 2019

AMES, Iowa – Sept. 12, 2019 – The flyover bridge taking northbound traffic from Interstate 35 to westbound U.S. 30 opened this week, just in time for the big Iowa State/Iowa football game on Saturday.

The exit for the new flyover bridge from northbound I-35 to westbound U.S. 30 has moved almost a mile south of the old cloverleaf exit and is combined with the eastbound U.S. 30 exit to Nevada. The old cloverleaf loop from northbound I-35 to westbound U.S. 30 is permanently closed. The change was made to improve safety in this area as 45 percent of the crashes recorded here were associated with the I-35 northbound to U.S. 30 westbound ramp.

If you miss the new flyover bridge exit at 111B, you can easily find your way to the game day festivities by taking the next exit onto 13th Street in Ames and following the green signs to Jack Trice Stadium. I35 sign
Motorists exiting from the new flyover bridge should use caution as they will be merging onto U.S. 30 with traffic heading west on from southbound I-35 and westbound from Nevada. (see map).

I35_US30_Flyover_zoomout_CyHawk map

Fans traveling southbound on I-35 and non-game day travelers coming to Ames are encouraged to take Exit 113 to 13th Street.

While football fans will be focused on the rivalry between two of the state’s major universities, the new bridge celebrates an earlier achievement for one of the universities, the development of the modern computer. Named the “John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry Memorial Bridge,” the structure recognizes the inventors of the modern computer which occurred at Iowa State University.


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