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Public comment sought on the Iowa Public Transit Long-Range Plan

AMES, Iowa – May 18, 2020 – The development of a long-range plan for public transit in Iowa is nearly complete. This plan supports the current state transportation plan, Iowa In Motion 2045, and will provide input into the future development of Iowa in Motion 2050. The intent of these efforts is to efficiently plan and manage resources for an effective statewide public transit system within Iowa’s multimodal transportation system.

A key part of the plan update is collecting public input. Stakeholder and public feedback have been considered throughout the planning process and is being sought once more to help refine the final draft of the Iowa Public Transit Long-Range Plan.

A copy of the Plan can be reviewed at Any comments, feedback, or input can be submitted by following the instructions found at the top of the webpage. The public comment period is open now through Wednesday, July 1.

Once the public comment period concludes, the feedback will be considered and incorporated into the plan. The plan will then be presented to the Iowa Transportation Commission prior to its final publication.

For questions, please contact the Systems Planning Bureau, Iowa Department of Transportation, 800 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa 50010, telephone 515-239-1772, email [email protected].



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