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Changes being considered to help traffic flow more safely and smoothly in Des Moines

AMES, Iowa – Aug. 12, 2021 – The Iowa Department of Transportation is working with stakeholders to study improvements to allow traffic to flow more safely and efficiently through the Des Moines metropolitan area. The concept, called Integrated Corridor Management (ICM), brings together key partners to look at how the entire transportation system works together to more cost-effectively and proactively manage traffic without necessarily adding to the size of the system.

Recently, there has been increased attention on one of these strategies, ramp metering, which consists of a signal placed at on-ramps to help traffic more safely and efficiently merge onto Interstate 235. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, this strategy was planned for deployment in 2024. However, significant changes have occurred in commuting patterns on I-235 due to the pandemic.

Several ICM strategies, including ramp metering, have been programmed in the 2022-2026 Iowa Transportation Improvement Program. However, the Iowa DOT recognizes that additional public outreach and analysis are required to gain a better understanding of post-pandemic commuting habits, patterns, and traffic volumes before a final decision is made to implement ramp metering.

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