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Iowa Transportation Commission approves Iowa's Clean Air Attainment Program funding

Ames, Iowa – Jan. 11, 2023 – Today, the Iowa Transportation Commission approved $3,873,560 million in total funding for 8 projects from Iowa's Clean Air Attainment Program. The program was created in 1994 for the purpose of reducing transportation-related congestion and air pollution. This funding is available to cities, counties, transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, regional planning affiliations, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations through an annual application-based program.

The projects and approved funding amounts are listed below.

  • Traffic System Vehicle Detection Improvement – Phase 2 (West Des Moines) - $432,000
  • Marketing Campaign (Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority) - $40,000
  • Altoona ITS Master Plan (Altoona) - $75,888
  • 100th Street Adaptive Signal Coordination (Urbandale) - $144,000
  • Deployment of Ames Traffic Signal Master Plan – Phase 4 (Ames) - $1,521,280
  • Ansborough Avenue Adaptive Signal Control Technology (Waterloo) - $728,000
  • Broadway Street Adaptive Signal Control Technology (Waterloo) - $880,000
  • Route 17 Extension to Bondurant – Year 3 (Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority) - $52,392


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