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Important GPS Network Changes!

Aug 12, 2016

The Iowa Department of Transportation is closing and selling 7 maintenance garages. 5 of the garages currently house GPS network base stations (Akron, Centerville, Corning, Rock Valley and Sabula). All 5 garages will be closed prior to September 1.

  • Sabula is a ground mount site. It will remain in-place and operational, except for a short period when we switch over the power and communications.
  • Centerville (NGS CORS site - IACE) is a building mount. It will remain operational at least until after the sale of the property (at the end of October).
  • Akron, Corning and Rock Valley are building mounts. The GPS will be shutdown as the garages are emptied and ready to sell (could be as early as next Thursday). A notice will be sent out when a site is shutdown.

We are investigating new locations and temporary solutions for the sites (except Sabula), but those sites may be down for a few months. There is enough base station redundancy built into the network that network product users (MAX or IMAX) should not see change, unless another site is temporarily down in the same area. Nearest users, that would normally use one of the closed sites, will end up with longer baselines. This may cause longer times to get fixed solutions and a greater chance of errant positions. Therefore, we recommend choosing a network product instead.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause, and please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Steve Milligan, PLS

Statewide RTN Coordinator

515-239-1981 (office)     515-290-2831 (cell)

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